Successful Business Meetings


Successful Business Meetings

Successful Business Meetings – Discover The Secrets To Productive Business Meetings

Have you ever felt that meetings are just not going your way? You know your ideas are good, you know you should win that contract or secure new business, but for some reason you’re just not getting your point across.

Well, here are a number of psychological techniques you can use which will make sure your ideas come across with real punch and have people hanging on your every word.

Start using these techniques today and ever)’ meeting you attend will definitely go your way!

Learn To Listen, And Your Ideas Will Be Given The Attention They Deserve
Most people don’t listen enough. But the fact is, people respond positively to those who actively listen. Here’s how:
•    Make strong eye contact with them, and maintain it.
•    Let them finish explaining – don’t cut in or jump across their sentences.
•    Give an idea consideration before answering, and nod if you like what ‘s been said.


You don’t have to be highly verbose to promote yourself: Effective listening techniques are more effective, since they strike a chord within all of us … the desire to be heard. Show that you are listening, and people will instantly want to agree with your views.


Tune In With A Mirror, And Get People Agreeing With You Before You Start Speaking!
Mirroring techniques are a way to get ‘in tune’ with the other party during your discussions. A branch of psychology- called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) pioneered this technique, and it’s now widely used in negotiating and sales training.


The theory behind mirroring is that we all want to align ourselves more closely with the other person. We want them to like us – so they’ll want to give us what we want. Most people would agree that they would tend to go along with suggestions given by like-minded individuals – we just need to persuade some people that they are ‘like-minded’!


We do this naturally, in a verbal way. When we meet others for the first time we try to find something we have in common. Mirroring is similar except that it uses body language. If your opponent sits in one particular way – then so do you. If they shift to a different pattern of body language – again, so do you. You can even cross-check if they’re in tune with you by forcing a movement (perhaps folding your arms) to see if they follow!

One warning: mirror movements must be subtle, or people may think you are mimicking or insulting them!



Use The Power Of Silence To Win People Over
Ask any comedian and they’ll tell you that timing is everything. Ask an actor and they will say the same about the dramatic pause. Put the two together and you have a very powerful meeting room technique: well-timed silence.



Silence makes people feel uncomfortable. It creates a void that they long to fill, even if with inane chatter. But if you are in command of that silence it can be highly powerful. Practice being silent while staring into a mirror or meeting the gaze of a colleague – it will seem difficult at first, but persevere, it works! People will remember that all your points were succinct, useful and well thought out. Develop this technique, and a quiet sentence from you will be worth more than half an hour’s rambling from others in the room.

Positive Body Movements Help You Win The Race!
Whenever you are really interested in what others are saying you will naturally adopt a slightly forward-leaning stance. It demonstrates keenness and interest to the other party.



The useful thing about this technique is that it can be used to transmit interest to someone else … even if you are not that interested! And this can lead them to reveal information they would otherwise have hidden. You don’t even have to say a word – just lean forward in the starting position and let your opponent keep talking!

Read And Exploit Unique Behavioural Patterns To Read People’s Minds!
Each of us are programmed with our own set of unique movements. You will know the unique mannerisms and behavioural patterns of your own family members. A common behavioural pattern is to touch the face around the nose and mouth when lying. This isn’t true for everyone.

As a child, how often did you hear Mummy (or Daddy) knows you’re lying?’ The same applies to adults, but usually we don’t take the time to read and exploit their behavioural patterns, and yet it can be so helpful because patterns are great predictors of how they are feeling and will react. Next time you are with a colleague or in a meeting situation, make a point of noting any repeating behavioural patterns – especially, when stress levels are high. Practice this technique and you will soon be able to understand what people really think!

… And Finally, Above All – Think ‘Presence
Whatever you do, before you enter any meeting, think presence’. Go into the meeting feeling ten feet tall, as wide as a house. Feel that you fill the room with your presence. Enter any meeting feeling small and I promise you, you will be small.


Enter feeling large and all powerful, armed and ready to use these techniques, and that presence will radiate and fill the room, positively influencing everyone in it!


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