Make Money Fast at Christmas – Great little business idea

make money fast

Do you need to make money fast especially around the Christmas period? Here’s a novel low-cost business opportunity that could really give you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. That money making idea is….. customised calendars!

What you do is to invite people to send in 12 of their favourite photos, which you then turn into a Customised calendar. People will pay premium prices for a personalised gift such as this, and you won’t need much capital to set up and run this business either.

Firstly you need to put together a standard format 12 page A4 sized calendar, with a space on each page for a 6 x 4 inch photograph. Printers and copy shops will do this for you if you explain what you require. Alternatively, if you or a friend has a computer with desktop publishing or word processing software then you can produce a template calendar very easily and inexpensively.

Once you have your template, producing each customer’s personalised calendar is easy. Once they send in their photos you simply reproduce each page using a colour photocopier, placing each separate photograph in the space provided this makes for a colourful, quality-looking but inexpensive calendar, that will give you a healthy profit mark up.

To market your service, advertise in suitable newspapers and magazines, and/or gift shops. Your advertising should invite people to send in their photos (explain that you will return them) along with their payment and personal details so you can mail the calendar back to them.

You can charge £15 to £20 for each calendar, which should be printed on good quality gloss paper. Your production, marketing and distribution costs should be a lot less than a quarter the final retail price, which will give you an idea of how profitable this money making venture can be.

Some more marketing ideas to make money fast from this project:

  1. Facebook advertising, Facebook page, facebook groups.
  2. Pintrest advertising
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Your very own money making website
  5. Sell them on Ebay and other online source
  6. Sell them on Amazon marketplace
  7. You can make money fast with Craigslist
  8. Go to local schools and ask them if your able to market directly to parents (if you can do this you’ll make a lot of money!)
  9. Set up an affiliate program where other people do all the selling for you for a percentage of the sale price.

This list is endless you just need to think outside of the box to make the maximum amount of sales from this project. Remember you only have two to three months to rake in the orders. The more orders the more money in your pocket!

There are various ways to expand the business so that you can earn money throughout the year. Customised birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards could be made using your customers’ favourite personal photographs, and you could also produce personalized novelty posters, photograph albums and even wrapping paper using the same basic idea. This simple and low-cost business could be exactly the earner you need. If you get started today, the money you make could really lift your Christmas spirits and set you up for the New Year.

Great little make money fast idea brought to you by Money Hitman.