Email Marketing For Your Online Success

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing For Your Online Success

The secret of successful email marketing is incredibly simple – send email bulletins to your customers! Pack these exciting emails full of the latest news, offers, tips and tricks and you’ll build customer loyalty, encourage two- way communication, and super-boost your sales as well. Recent MoneyHitman research shows that those online members using e- bulletins have seen their sales soar by an astonishing 27% – and my own use of e- bulletins has proved this! Here’s how you can do the same for your online business this month…
If you’ve a database of customers with their email addresses, you’ve a ready-made audience for e-bulletins. But wait! Don’t just start emailing your e-bulletins straightaway. Some customers might assume they’re receiving spam, and others might not even notice them if they receive lots of other emails.

Begin by telling everyone you’re launching a special e-bulletin service, and that these e-bulletins are going to include the hottest news, exclusive offers and lots of other must-know secrets – and they’re absolutely 100% free!

7 Steps To Successful Email marketing Bulletins

#1 Get some ‘open now’ urgency into the subject line. Your e-bulletin should be full of fascinating and wonderful information – so make each customer want to read it immediately! Phrases such as ‘Breaking News’ and Latest Discovery’ add urgency and suggest this is an urgent, must-open- now message.

#2 Personalise your greeting. The key to encouraging each customer to keep reading is to use their name straightaway. ‘Hi Paul’ shows this e-bulletin is especially for him. If you’re emailing hundreds of customers and don’t have time to personalise each one, go for a universally upbeat and flattering opening. ‘Dear Canny Collector’ is much more appealing that Dear Sir/Madam’!

#3 Put the benefits right up front. Hook your customer by bullet-pointing the topics you’re covering in this e- bulletin. And make these topics sound so fascinating, exciting or downright intriguing that they’ve just got to read on NOW! Don’t just state the topic – put the benefit of reading about it! 15% Off All Winter Stocks – But Only For 7 Days!’ is more eye-catching than Winter Sale Lines’. Make the customer want to find out more!

#4 Start each topic with that benefit-driven headline in CAPITAL LETTERS. When your customer scrolls down, they’ll then spot what they’re looking for easily. ‘SAVE 33% ON ALL REGION 1 DVDs – OFFER ENDS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! pulls them into the main body of your text. Follow this with the key details and the ‘how to’ of getting that benefit. So make sure ordering is easy and that full details are there if customers want them.

#5 Mix in some news, tips, secrets and a freebie or two. Successful email marketing bulletins don’t just sell, they build lasting relationships and boost long-term sales. Go for non-stop, hard-sell topics one after the other, and your customer will delete your e-bulletin straightaway. Make sure that you always have something valuable to offer your customer for free – a tip for trading more effectively, a link to a great website that you have found useful or details of a free offer you might have.

#6 End with a warm and friendly sign-off. The most effective e-bulletins build that one-to-one relationship between ‘you’ (the customer) and ‘me’ (the entrepreneur). It’s that warmth that’s at the heart of truly great customer relations. Finish the way you’d sign-off a personal letter – ‘ All the Best Until Next Time – Bill’. Add your contact details – email address, telephone, fax etc. If customers know they can follow through to find out more, they’re much more likely to trust you.

#7 Add a benefit-driven PS. Your email bulletin should close on a high note, leaving your customer wanting to discover more, order those special-offer goods, or just feel plain good about having read it! Include a PS that gives them just one more, extra-special benefit – ‘I almost forgot…we’ve a special free report for you, and it’s available today…’ followed by those benefit-driven details.

MoneyHitman Advises …
You can send email marketing bulletins on a regular, weekly basis if you have enough benefit- driven news, tips, offers and freebies to include something new every week. If not, email them out on an ‘as and when’ basis – as soon as you’ve some valuable information to share with your customers. You’ll soon find that they’ll become more responsive, happier, and will place more orders too.

You must make sure, however, that customers are always given the opportunity to opt out of your service and that you don’t pass their email addresses on to anyone without them having had the chance to refuse. Otherwise you could be building up resentment and irritation, rather than loyalty!

Begin today – bring up your database of customers, check you’ve got their email addresses, and start telling them about your FREE and EXCLUSIVE email marketing bulletin service that’s about to launch any day soon.

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