Become a Financial service Money Maker

Financial Money Maker

Become a Financial service Money Maker

Providing financial services to help others unearth the best loans and mortgages, collect outstanding bills or help them with their tax returns is the perfect low-cost, easy- to-start, home-based business opportunity. Friend of ours, David Laing, has three golden start-ups to start right away.

Dave has worked in the financial services business for over 30 years. He’s run his own accountancy practice and finance brokerage. He has a wealth of experience and he wants to share us. Dave explains: ‘Financial services are much easier to get started than you might think. Unlike most businesses, you don’t need any special equipment or premises – nor any qualifications to handle most services. You’ll find it’s a very lucrative business to be in, with the added advantage of helping people with their finances.’

Facts & Figures

The Money Business

  • Over 18,000,000 loans and mortgages are sold each year.
  • At any one time there is up to £520 billion of consumer credit circulating in the economy – and that’s only a very modest estimate.
  • More than three out of four people pay more than they need to for their mortgage.
  • In some industries, only 78% of bills are paid on time or within seven days.
  • In a recent survey, 88% of people said they don’t understand their tax return.

(Source : Financial Research Syndicates.)

Make Money Being A Professional Money Saver

This is a fantastic financial service where you can actually make money by helping people save money – a really worthwhile business that is profitable and has inbuilt customer appeal at the same time!

Most people have a mortgage and probably a loan (or two) as well. Today, there’s a bewildering range of deals, and few people have the time to search for the best ones. But acting as their loan and mortgage broker, that’s your job.

This business is ideal for starting as a part-time sideline. You can work from home and all you’ll need is a desk and a phone – a PC would be handy too, so you can access all the useful financial websites on the internet. If you don’t have one, go to an internet cafe or library instead. You will need to be well organised, professional and discreet – as you’ll be dealing with client’s private financial affairs.

  • Advertise your service in local papers. Promote the fact you work on behalf of the customer to find them the best value loans and mortgages. Dave successfully used this simple catch- phrase: The Customer’s Champion… Working For You Not The Bank!
  • When a customer contacts you, take full details of what they need, eg. a mortgage, a loan or an overdraft, details of how much they want to borrow, and what they can afford to repay.
  • Now ‘shop around’ for the best deal. Your job is to find a lender whose lending package best suits your customer.
  • To help you provide the very best service, keep well informed on everything that’s on offer. Recommended: The quality newspapers, especially The Times and What Mortgage? magazine. There are also some good Internet sites around. Dave suggests:, and
  • Another great service to offer is a re-mortgage service. Offer to find people who already have a mortgage a better deal that will save them money by shopping around the many mortgage packages available.

Of course, people can do this shopping around for themselves. But, the fact is, most people don’t have the time, the know-how – or they’re just too lazy!

There are thousands of people who’ll gladly pay you to do it for them.

And here’s what makes your loan and mortgage service extra special: Dave told us: Most brokers are paid a commission by banks and building societies for finding them a new customer. This can mean they’re biased towards the lenders who offer the best commission, but not necessarily the best deals. I always refuse to accept commission from the banks and instead charge the customer a fixed ‘search fee’ of between £200 and £300 for finding them the best deal. If you save £5,000 in interest payments for a client on a typical mortgage it’s a price they’ll gladly pay. It’s a much fairer way of working and you only need four or five customers each week to earn £1,000 plus!’

Your essential information: You’ll need a Consumer Credit Licence to help arrange mortgages and loans – see below. It’s also an advantage to be registered under The Mortgage Code scheme (Tel. 01785 218200, or visit for details). You mustn’t offer advice on investment (savings accounts, shares or endowments) as you need to be registered with the Personal Investment Authority to do this.

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